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Genre: Gay (m/m) Romance, Lite BDSM

Length: Short Story (5K)

Available at Amazon, B&N, AllRomanceEbooks and Smashwords


When Detective Adam Mallory disobeys a direct order, his boss, Lieutenant Jake West, decides to teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget...


But everything is not what it seems, and in the end, it might be Jake who learns a thing or two...


Read an excerpt and Deceptions, a free short story






Genre: Gay (m/m) Romance, Red Hot

Length: Short Story (10K)

Available at Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, and AllRomanceEbooks


Detective Nick Bailey sits on an interrogation room table, injured but refusing to be examined by their precinct doctor. Lt. Alex Steele, Nick’s boss and lover, grows impatient and threatens to strip Nick if he doesn’t cooperate. But Nick has a very good reason for keeping his shirt on – namely a notorious tattoo that would reveal his criminal past.

When Alex storms out of the room, Nick thinks he’s safe for now – but Alex is just getting started.


Read an excerpt and Finding Comfort, a free short story




Part of the Brief Encounters: 69 Hot Gay Shorts,

Anthology edited by Shane Allison

ISBN: 978-1-57344-664-8

Length: Short-Short Story (1.2K words)

Publisher: Cleis Press

Available at Amazon Kindle, B&N, Cleis Press


Lab Assistant Jack Harding is tired of his boyfriend, Scott, teasing him about his afternoon snack. So he decides to teach him a lesson…






ISBN: 978-1-60737-859-4

Genre: LGBT Contemporary

Length: Short Novel (45K words)

Available at Loose ID, Amazon, B&N and Sony


Partners and Federal Agents, Jason Lowery and Noah Black wake up in bed together naked, but neither one knows how they got there, or to the remote cabin the bed’s in. Jason’s interested, very interested, but he fears his partner’s reaction and the potential fallout if their superiors ever find out. He misread a fellow officer’s interest once and lost it all — his career, his friends, his family’s respect. This time around, he won’t be the one risking everything.

Noah has always been curious about sex with another man, but his strict upbringing and life in law enforcement made it impossible to explore that side of his nature safely. When he and Jason get locked in a cabin by a well-meaning friend, Noah wants to sample the forbidden.

Both men agree to a single afternoon of passion. Just to see.

When they are released from the cabin, Jason wants to see where a relationship with Noah might lead. However, Noah is not ready to make such a radical lifestyle change — and he doesn’t think he’ll ever be ready to come out to friends and family.

Read an excerpt





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